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To avoid falling into the rut of writing/playing/”reading” all of my Sims in similar ways based on their Aspirations, I brainstormed some different archetypes that could fall under the broader TS2 Aspirations. There could even be sub-types within these archetypes but I wanted to keep it flexible. Feel free to add your own!

(Warning: Incredibly long post!)

Knowledge Aspiration
The Unbound Scientist: A rather comic-book approach to Knowledge, these Sims are dedicated to pushing the possibilities of science and logic to their limits. Ethics, schmethics. They have a vision for the future and anysim who can’t see it just isn’t worthy. They do consider their work to be improving the world - they just don’t care if anyone else agrees.
The Sim 2.0: Inspired by transhumanism - transsimism? - these Sims regard their current bodies as weak shells that can be “upgraded” through technology and the pursuit of higher forms of life, e.g. vampirism, lycanthropy, etc, to achieve greater strength, heightened senses, longer lifespans, and more. Their pursuits and studies are largely only concerned with improving themselves and their ilk, though they encourage others to see the world as they do.

The Greater Goodie: These Sims believe that their abilities, knowledge and time should be dedicated to projects that will ultimately benefit all of Simkind. They may seek to become doctors, researchers or even volunteers. This archetype works especially well for Knowledge/Family or Knowledge/Popularity Sims.

The Geek: Knowledge doesn’t always imply a broad scope. Geeks are extraordinarily well-educated about extraordinarily specific subjects; they only research and work with the things they like, and are loudly disinterested in much else. Their interest may be a series of fiction, a hobby, a locale, a type of Supernatural, the great unknowns of death or space; whatever it is, this is their pursuit, and anything else is worth peanuts to them.

The Perpetual Student: Some folk just enjoy learning for the sake of it, to push themselves and to measure their progress. The Perpetual Student seeks to become a Jack of All Trades, latching onto a new area, mastering it, basking for a while, before finally moving onto a completely new topic and starting all over. Some Sims (e.g. Knowledge/Popularity) may act this way for the bragging rights; others (e.g. Knowledge/Family) might do it so they can become a teacher in turn; but most just do it because they find it interesting, rewarding, and practical.

The Experience Collecter: The root of knowledge is to know, and that’s what these Sims are all about; knowing. They aren’t as interested in the more traditional Knowledge Sim pursuits like studying or skilling and are instead focused on experiencing as many different realities as possible. These are the Knowledge Sims who want to try all kinds of careers, who constantly swap their major, and who dream of being a werewolf- no! A vampire- no! A witch…! Unlike the Perpetual Student, the Experience Collector rarely settles into one role for too long before planning their next adventure.

The S-M-R-T: Just because somesim considers themselves to be knowledgeable doesn’t mean they actually are. The S-M-R-T frequently assumes their abilities to be a lot greater than reality. Perhaps they were a gifted child, but were never motivated to improve; perhaps they were given an extraordinarily low bar to pass; whatever the reason, these Sims will “correct” others on things they know nothing about, launch into misguided rants that nosim asked for, and assume that it’s everysim else who is wrong. You’ll often find them attempting to repair a TV with 2 Mechanical Points or lamenting why they never get promoted when their skills are all sub-par. Some, of course, outgrow this behaviour, but others are unfortunately stubborn to the core.

Family Aspiration
The Mrs. Weasley: The more the merrier! For these Sims, being Family Aspiration means working hard to provide for your ever-growing brood. They delight in the success of their children, make whatever sacrifices necessary to ensure the best for their kin, and keep up-to-date with the activities of their extended family members with a near-religious zeal. These kind of Family Sims have almost endless love to give and see no distinction between biological and adopted children. In the event of death or divorce, they may re-marry, but only if they think it’s the best thing for their children. Everything they do is motivated from a sense of other.

The Legacy Leader: A sharp contrast to the Mrs. Weasley, The Legacy Leader is invested in their family because they see it as an extension of themselves. Their children’s successes are their successes, too, and they strive to ensure the safe continuation of their bloodline. They have immense pride in their lineage, but this is sometimes the cause of “pruning” of their family tree, excommunicating members they believe to have not lived up to their own expectations. They feel the transgressions of their children also reflect on them, and they do not tolerate underachievement, truancy, or any other “imperfection”. They may be extremely picky about the Sims they “allow” their spouses, siblings, or children to interact with, especially in the case of their kids getting married, which could be based on the other family’s wealth, ancestry, or reputation. Grandchildren are a top priority for them and they will accept no alternatives. These Sims might not consider adoption a viable option.

The Nuclear Expectancy: The nuclear ideal of a husband, wife, and 2.5 children is so universally celebrated that some Sims adopt it as their “dream” without ever asking themselves if it’s what they really want. Sims daydream about the perfect romance where there are never any problems and children are the logical and inevitable extrapolation of said relationship; these Sims may rush into serious relationships and even have children before they are ready, with partners they may not truly love, and become overwhelmed. If they ever recognise that they are unhappy, they may not ever do anything about it, but they could also launch head-first into a midlife crisis to find out what they really do want. This interpretation could suit a Family/Pleasure Seeker Sim or the ever-contradictory Family/Romance.

The Found-Family Sim: Family != biology to these Sims, who have constructed their own loving, supportive home out of friends and other loved ones. They may have never known their biological relatives, or chosen/been forced to cut off communication with them; whatever the case, they have a million adoptive “aunties”, “uncles”, “cousins”, and “siblings” to support them. Naturally, these Sims are also more inclined towards growing their family through adoption/foster care than others.

The Nervous Knight: Sometimes family means safety because it is a closed group of Sims you can trust, and sometimes being a Family Sim means assuming the role of protector against anything that might threaten the balance of said group. Nervous Knights often start off as Mrs. Weasley types who slowly become afraid of anything changing their dynamic. They are scared of their family members reaching out and trying things that may be unsafe; the Family Sims who roll fears about relatives becoming werewolves, who disapprove of potential friends from the wrong side of the tracks, who enforce stricter and stricter curfews on their kids to keep them “safe”. The Nervous Knight means well but can paradoxically result in the rest of their family feeling less like the group is a safe space and more like it’s a prison they will eventually escape.

The Simmer: Ring a bell? Family Sims are often painted as selfless and loving, but this isn’t always the case. Simmers are trying to play Sims with their own family. They don’t just see their children as an extension of themselves, they see them as their own little dolls to dress up and control so they can live vicariously through them. They might see their children and their children’s things as their own “property”, though they would probably never admit it, and may react strongly against their children disagreeing with or diverging from their parents’ “plan” for their life.

Fortune Aspiration
The Lord: Money is power - that’s all there is to it. These Sims don’t care about the financial value of money so much as they see it as a vehicle for achieving control and respect. Maybe they were raised in an environment where they felt they had very little of either; or maybe they got a taste of power and decided they wanted more; in any case, they use their wealth as a means of asserting dominance and strength. A good read for a Fortune/Popularity Sim or even Fortune/Family.

The Philanthropist: Directly inverse to the Lord, the Philanthropist also understands that money talks, but has decided to channel that power into improving the lives of others. They earn the big bucks not for themselves, but because they know that research, charity, and progress all demand it. Often times you wouldn’t even know that these Sims were rich to look at them because they keep their own assets relatively modest, only spending what they need to.

The Richest Stiff: Money is important to a lot of Sims, but for some, this importance becomes irrational to the point that having money feels more important than ever actually spending it. Perhaps growing up in a household where they never knew where their next paycheck was coming from, these Sims are devoted to collecting as much money and parting with as little as they can. Not only are they rarely charitable, but they also rarely spend anything on themselves, wearing threadbare hand-me-downs and eating cup noodles while they have tens of thousands squirreled away in the bank. Many of these Sims become workaholics, with their careers and the money they earn from it being the only clear objectives in their lives.

The Lost Time: If you grow up never having much in the way of luxury goods, you can find yourself making up for lost time later in life when you finally have disposable income. These Sims spend money as quickly as they can make it on whatever comes across their path first; clothes, jewellery, cars, dates, video games, pizza, tacky souvenirs - these Sims’ spending habits tend towards being impulsive and almost childish as they finally satiate the itch they could never scratch when they were younger. They have a tendency of buying things they don’t need, only to undersell, gift, or throw them away later. For some, this is only a temporary stage, “activated” after leaving home or perhaps as a midlife crisis, but for others, this becomes a permanent cycle of behaviour. Still; so long as they have the funds to support it, it’s not the worst they could be doing. A perfect read for a Fortune/Pleasure Seeker Sim.

The Frugal: Being fiscally minded sometimes means finding ways to save money as well as earn it. These Sims build their wealth gradually by limiting their puchases and ensuring they get the best value for their money. Don’t be mistaken, this doesn’t mean they always go for the cheapest option - quite the opposite; they might spring for an expensive bathroom renovation, for example, because they know that it will break less frequently, saving them money and time in repairs to the point that it “pays for itself” compared to getting the cheapest fixtures possible. They usually have good furniture, good clothes, and eat good food, but with a focus on only what they need; they might think nothing of buying a $10000 car if it’s what they needed, but they’d never consider shelling out $3000 for a virtually worthless dance sphere. Remember that frugality is contextual; for one family, a $1200 workout machine might be considered a completely unnecessary expense, but for another family, it might be a solid investment that suits their skilling needs.

The Collector: Sometimes the only motivation for earning money is because you really, really, really want something. Differing from the Lost Time, the Collector only really sinks big money into very specific interests. They might be a car collector, or an art buyer, or… (sigh) an anime nerd. Whatever their obsession, their money-making efforts largely revolve around facilitating only that, and their other fiscal behaviours might be average or even stingy.

Romance Aspiration
The Lothario: The classic Romance Sim interpretation, but it would be remiss to leave it out. The Lothario* is focused only on romantic pursuits as far as they make them happy. They want multiple loves because they like it, they want WooHoo because it makes them feel good, and they don’t really think that much about whether their partners feel similarly. They are more likely to cheat, but are, perhaps hypocritically, less likely to want open relationships, since they often want to feel like they are their partner’s “one and only”. Quantity trumps quality for these Sims and they are very likely to “hit it and quit it”, starting torrid romances with Sims and leading them on only to completely drop all contact once the shine wears off. *Note: I’m not saying that the actual Don fits this description. There are lots of other valid interpretations of his character, but he is pretty much the poster child for this archetype.

The Miner: Much like the Lord sees money as a vehicle for power, the Miner sees romance as a vehicle for personal gain. Though they probably enjoy their trists as much as the next Romance Sim, they take more pleasure from the associated material benefits. Gifts, holidays, dates; access to a wealthy lover’s home and facilities; status; and even the safety net of marriage, though only if it looks like the… ah… turnover might be fast. This archetype doesn’t really cover much about any other aspect of the Sim’s romance; they might cheat or not, they might truly love their partners or not, they might actively try and squeeze more money out of their lovers or they might just be happy to bask in whatever they receive. In any case, this is a natural read for a typical Romance/Fortune Sim.

The Free Lover: Romance Sims are often type-cast as negative characters by many players, due in equal parts to the emphatic value our society places on monogamous marriage and the almost universally unsympathetic portrayal of cheaters, a trait that many Romance Sims not only exhibit but actively desire. There’s also the ‘liberal’ interpretation of ‘love’ within The Sims, giving many players the impression that the love Romance Sims feel isn’t ‘true love’, which is, again, more highly valued. But a Romance Sim doesn’t need to fit these archetypes to be satisfied! The Free Lover truly, deeply loves their partners, and would never dream of cheating - they just don’t have any desire for monogamy. They could be polyamorous, or they could want an open relationship, or just have a different concept of ‘love’ to other Sims. The unifying factor is that they feel true romantic love for their partners, and would never overstep the mutually agreed-upon boundaries of their relationships (i.e. cheat). A particularly good read for Romance/Popularity Sims.

The Flip-Flopper: This Sim really does want the fairytale romance! They want to find their one true love, have an enormous wedding, and grow old together… only… it kinda keeps happening. The Flip-Flopper is a Romance Sim who doesn’t quite understand that they’re a Romance Sim. They keep trying to enter into monogamous relationships and find their ‘ideal mate’, but - perhaps having difficulty seeing the difference between love and infatuation - they grow quickly disillusioned with their relationships and start projecting onto the next compatible lover. If they ever eventually recognise this pattern of behaviour, they might either toss the pretence and just enjoy casual relationships with less pressure, or they might settle down and find the one relationship that they want to make work for good. I usually play my Family/Romance Sims as the Nuclear Expectancy (see above), but this is another valid read. 

The Oat Sower: Another good read for Family/Romance Sims, the Oat Sower loves the idea of having a family some day - they’re just not ready for it right now. They want to spend the best years of their life fooling around and having fun, and only settle down in their twilight years when they’re sure it’s what they want. They might have some kids out of wedlock along the way, or they might wait until they’re good and settled before they dedicate themselves to a family.

Popularity Aspiration
The Insecure: A somewhat cynical read, the Insecure reprsents Sims who are driven to impress others and collect friends because they don’t feel comfortable enough on their own. They surround themselves with people at all times to feel wanted, and morph their personality into whatever they think their friendship circle wants of them. They definitely favour quantity over quality and put more value into a mass of acquaintances than only a handful of closer friends. Some Insecures fade into the background, using other people as their shell, while other Insecures grow cruel and wield their influence as a tool of control. Hopefully, for many Sims this is only a phase that they can grow out of with help. A potential read for Popularity Sims with few Nice/Outgoing Points.

The Leader: Some Sims are drawn to positions of leadership not for the power or glory, but because they strongly want to help others. The Leader is someone who is motivated to action because they care about other Sims, and they make good teachers, politicians, and spokespeople. They are not motivated out of a sense of ‘love’, necessarily, unlike the Found Family, but rather a moral imperative and base connection, led by a strong empathetic compass. They cannot help relating to other people and so feel compelled to take action when they see a need. A good read for Popularity/Knowledge Sims.

The Mom Friend: While the Leader focuses on their empathy for others as a group, the Mom Friend focuses on their empathy and compassion for others on an individual level. In other aspects, the Leader is focused on long-term needs - e.g. justice, legislature, progress - while the Mom Friend focuses on the needs of the immediate present, e.g. emotional support, sudden health/financial problems, stress, etc. The Mom Friend cares about everyone they know, even the people they don’t like, and finds joy in seeing their friends succeed and be happy. Mom Friends can also get overwhelmed sometimes by caring for so many people at once and putting their needs second, so they can get burnt out. A good read for a Popularity/Family Sim, but with more of a distinction between friends and family than, say, the Found Family Sim.

The All Love: These Sims seek many deep, meaningful friendships with other Sims for no reason other than it brings them joy. They truly and deeply care about their closer, more intimate circle of friends, and focus more on strengthening existing relationships than starting new ones. The love they feel for their friends may verge on or progress into romantic love, making it a potential read for primary Popularity/Romance Sims, with the distinction from the Free Lover being that the All Love starts a relationship platonically and feels it develop almost inevitably into a romantic one, instead of intentionally seeking romantic relationships with multiple partners. A stark distinction between sexual and romantic relationships could also be a deciding factor.

Pleasure Seeker Aspiration
The Eternal Child: A very popular read of Pleasure Seeker Sims, the Eternal Child behaves the way they do because they see the world through a haze of child-like wonder and whimsy. They are drawn to less serious, more playful activities that allow them to express themselves freely, and often have a short attention span, losing interest in something once it stops being “fun”. The Eternal Child might be unhappy or disappointed with their own behaviour and wish they had the ability to focus longer or apply themselves harder, or they may be perfectly content with their lifestyle. They are very present-oriented with only loosely formulated plans for the future.

The Indiana: The other end of the spectrum, the Indiana is extremely focused and driven and knows exactly what they want to do; have as much fun as humanly possible. Having a lot of adrenalin-chasing qualities, the Indiana channels their search for fun into a quest for adventure, mystery and surprises. These Sims hate being bored and find the most bombastic solutions possible, and would make good explorers, adventurers, or, er, archaeologists. Also an excellent Pleasure/Knowledge read (or even Pleasure/Fortune).

The Attention Seeker: Differing from the Eternal Child, the Attention Seeker has deliberately affected their sporadic behaviour in order to get attention - basically, the 'holds up spork’ type of random Sim. They’re less concerned with having fun so much as they want to do whatever other people think is ‘fun’; Sims who roll the exact same ~quirky~ wants to jump on couches and juggle bottles over and over, to the ire of anysim nearby. Some Sims behave this way because they felt their behaviour was repressed when they actually were children, and similar to the Lost Time archetype, they may be attempting to relive their childhood later in life. For a Pleasure/Popularity Sim, this could easily and concerningly combine with the Insecure archetype.

The Party Animal: Maybe the reason some Sims never seem to stop partying is because they’re scared of what might happen after. Some Sims don’t like to be left alone with their thoughts, or are otherwise scared for what the future holds for them, and being constantly distracted with flashing lights, parties, clubs, and other sensory overloads lets them forget their crushing existential dread for a few precious moments. Less dramatically, their ‘party hearty’ persona may just be a mask they sometimes wear in public to hide the fact that they feel insecure, lonely, stressed, or depressed.

Grilled Cheese Aspiration
The Grilled Cheese: grilled cheese

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