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Hi, and welcome to my fresh new blog! :D My name is Ana, and I'm twenty one years old, living on Italy with my girlfriend. Currently unemployed so I occupy myself by playing sims and doing crochet/cross stich mostly. I love also reading, swimming (though I don't do it regularly), watching movies and writing. :) 

Since I was like eight years old, I always dreamt about having the Sims 2, but unfortunently I couldn't afford it (I had downloaded The Sims 1 though, I had personalized it from wallpapers to animations, etc.), so now twelve years later, I'm finallying playing it! Right now I own the base game, plus Nightlife, University, Open for Business and Pets. Thanks to EA I got the ULTIMATE COLLECTION last summer! I couldn't be happier!


So far I'm having so much fun, dating and creating new sims all the time making them go all through college, and making them get rich by working to the top of their carreers. Like after some months playing it, I discovered custom content and it just raised my experience to a new level! Now it all feels so much more realistic and exciting! I totally advise you to opt for it but be carefull as some may ruin your game (specially the mods), resulting you have to uninstall your game and losing in the end all of your savings. :|


Unfortunently I had to pass through a situation like this, when I started playing it last summer, because I had installed the inteenminator, at first it worked super well and I was super happy, but then as I went in the game again, after existing, it wasn't working anymore (because I had Squinge's Pregnant Sims Wear Any Outfit mod that isn't compatible with Inteen), so I had to uninstall it all, meh. Luckly I hadn't much important savings (although I had my personal family that resulted out exactly like I wanted without cheating. I had had twin boys, like I wanted and then a girl, also like I wished for :| and this was before I knew you could also back up neighboords lol) .


Anyway to inaugurate my old sims 2 blog back on Blogger, I decided to create a video about How to Turn Your Residential Lot into a Dorm of course for the University Expansion Pack, since this was one of the doubts I came across when I first installed the The Sims 2: University. So here it goes:

Hope it's helpful! Feel free to leave your opinion and message me if you have other doubts. I'll be glad to help you!


Happy Simming!

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