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The girls were finally toddlers and that meant even more responsability to the new parents. Now it wasn't only about changing diapers and feeding them, was also about educating them and providing them with a good enviroment. Mission knew about this so she would make sure to remind Ethan of this everyday. Sadly she couldn't spend much time with the girls as her job was getting more and more serious, so Ethan would often be the one incharge of teaching the girls and looking after them. They were growing so fast and so beautifully!

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Ethan loved his daughters really much, but he was getting tired of being always the one in charge of everything. One night while passing on Mission's ex drive through, he found Camilla Lee, Mission's ex co-worker. Ethan and Camilla started talking about what was going on on their lives and Camilla was really interested in getting to know Ethan and Mission's children. "I didn't even know you two had gotten twins... after moving jobs, we just lost contact..." She said while Ethan opened his car passengers' door for her to exit. "Ooh, that's sad... I thought you were good friends..." He said after entering his house, they were standing in the living room. "I guess we never were..." Camilla answered, getting closer to Ethan, before they both knew, they were making out on Mission's favourite sofa, meanwhile said woman was working hard to keep their family happy. The maid was gone for the night, so the twins were left unattended because Ethan was finally getting the pause he longed for so long. He was finally back to his promiscuous ways... When Mission arrived home, Camilla was long gone.

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