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Mission and Ethan would spend their days between taking care of the girls and coping with their jobs. Mission would have to go to night or day events since she was a Hostess now while Ethan, on the music career worked most day hours after being promoted a couple of times. He helped Mission as best as he could. He would let his wife sleep when she would arrive late from her night events therefore he would be the one standing up to take care of the babies during the night. They wouldn't see each other much either besides when they would be with the girls, and time came when it was time for the girls' first year anniversary. Mission unfortunently couldn't attend it, so Ethan bought two small pink cakes and rocked the babies while singing happy birthday to them on their small kitchen. "Happy birthday to youu, happy birthday to youuu... happy birthday my baby... happy birthday to youuu!! Yayyyy!" The first to grow up was Elizabeth (blue eyes) and Amanda (green eyes) followed after, she was definitely alike her mother Mission. A new phase for the twin girls has began, full of fun exploration and learning! 

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