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Mission took care of the girls while she waited for Ethan to appear. She had left him several msgs saying she was at the hospital. He arrived some hours after when he finished working meanwhile Mission was napping besides the incubators. She found him helding their first born daughter Elizabeth. "Hey, how are you? Why you didn't tell me we were having twins?" "I didn't know how you would take things... I'm a waitress, you just now have a job... we don't even have our own home... it was all my wrong doing... I wanted a baby in the first place... You were right for being distant at me..." "Mission, don't say nonsense... come here..." Ethan said holding his wife close to him. "I'm glad you and our babies are okay.... I was terrified when I found all those msgs on my phone... you should go back to your room and have some rest... don't worry I'll take care of the girls..." He said transquilizing his wife. Mission left after saying good night to everyone. Ethan promised to pass the night watching over the girls, and he didn't break his promise this time around.

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