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Mission and Ethan Stardust had been married for a long time now. They were constantly road traveling and would never settle down anywhere. Mission would follow Ethan anywhere, she was so blind with love she couldn't even see his unfaithfulness, even if he was just in the room next door. She had been trying to get pregnant for a long time now but with no results. Their arrival to Four Corners was Mission's idea because she knew there it was the best fertility company of the sim's world. She visited the fertility company and at first try she got pregnant... She was thrilled, but also affraid of Ethan's reaction. Ethan was a romance sim so they never spoke about kids... and kids meant settling down... They couldn't keep traveling anymore with a baby... One day when they woke up, she finally couldn't hold it in anymore. "Ethan... we are going to have a baby..." She said caressing her small bump. "Oh that's great, Mission..." He answered looking at his wife. she saw the disapointment on his eyes so he hugged her closer and started talking to her small tummy. "Hi little fellow! Its your daddy here..." Mission was relieved and giggled lightly at Ethan's silly faces.

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