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I'm back simmers with another update!
This time we are going to talk about genetic hair for babies! Yay! I just love this soooo much! Here is my video on how to install it and download it:

Basically they work just like any other .package file download: you download the genetic baby hair of your choice and place only one file (may come with two, one with a little bow for girls and the other without) into the downloads folder, start your game and when you have a baby it will come out with hair matching his/her eyebrowns!!! Its super great!! Here is the site where I downloaded the hair you see on my video from (You may have to register to download, but it's FREE): (go here if you wanna go directly into the forum about baby hair:, it has also a bunch of other great stuff like hospital clothes, objects, make up, accessories, etc, specially great for stories.


Here is a pic of genetic baby hair on one of my sim babies:

 photo 58b540_7cd8078614fd454d9bcecd7fdd895129_zpsbmcdcojn.jpg


As you can see I chosed the file that included the bow, because 1. It's super cute! 2. It's better for me to distinguish girls from boys (since girls can be also born with the boys' clothes)!


You can also notice that the baby does not have maxis eyes! It was something that bothered me when I started playing the UC, so I moved back in my default eyes and skins but for some reason the eyes wouldn't show up on my game, so I went on hunting for a new pair of default eyes for my sims and I found this ones on MTS (You may have to register to download, it's also FREE): and here there is the same eyes but non default with many other color options:

 photo 58b540_9239e8ccb0a941bb8603b90b85deee0c_zpsrk1mrtuw.jpg

Light Blue

 photo 58b540_52657b8582cf487fa7879c8a137bd023_zpsq5kvmybl.jpg


 photo 58b540_1de8f77150544e9bb89eff7c45ffd4c1_zpsfrq1zsf1.jpg


 photo snapshot_d518f8c7_80ec4300_zpsfl6j2kii.jpg


 photo 58b540_d88e53329bf9403ca06cc06300e1c98a_zpsx8buhbxm.jpg

Dark Blue

Current view from my default eyes on my sims!

Here are the old default eyes I used to have on my game: This site also has default maxis matching hair and default, custom, genetized and townified skins!


And spicking of which long ago I found out a monster default skins list site (witch, sorcerer, plantsim, werewolf, vampire, etc: because someone requested it on facebook, so I ended up falling in love and adding other defaults also to my game (Before I only had a vampire default skin installed on my game!). These actually are my old defaults, I recently downloaded others that I will publish later:


- Alien (here:

 photo 58b540_f18807380e4147dbafce9743116ed03f_zps39uboysv.jpg


- PlantSim (Downloaded from the site above ^)

 photo 58b540_46729afc23464140a6362ef49a6cc870_zpsyonc9azr.jpg

- Werewolf (I downloaded the normal werewolf default skin from here:

 photo 58b540_c345eb61efc642fea12e35219767271a_zpsadyvyqbi.jpg

- Zombie (Also downloaded from the site above ^^)

 photo 58b540_a2d841b9757c408392f8c8ac30ebf062_zps8sp9te1u.jpg

- Vampire (found here: you can choose to have red or yellow eyes)

 photo 58b540_2f0434378a9647f99cc06b992e9fa9d0_zpsrucqg52s.jpg

This were my choices but on the monster default list ( there is a bunch of other sites that offer you more default options, make sure to check it out if you don't like the ones I chose! In the middle of all this default seach I found another site with a list of sites that offer all kinds of other defaults (mostly I ended up downloading the skins that were custom):


I changed then my default skins from these ones ( to these ones: (the ones from "2 - Default skintones" I also downloaded the "milk chocolate custom skintone").

 photo 58b540_4ede7608234b43fb9487cb4f4e282d88_zpsnkmp0ktt.jpg

 photo 58b540_8750b1534fea47c3b43980c704a91280_zpsvbz4rlgb.jpg


My current skin defaults :)

Here there is other useful sites:

Guarden of Shadows post:;u=37359;sa=showPosts (I downloaded some custom eyes from here! There is also skins and etc.)

rensim: (I downloaded default make up from here!)

sim_strangers: (I downloaded skintones from here!)

mouseyblue: (I downloaded make up from here!)

jessi_dot: (AMAZING SITE! I downloaded awesome bottoms, and tops that combined together are fabulous! I also downloaded her amazing make up!!!)

 photo 58b540_290d6bc9003f48b483d3163f972cf7b3_zpsqp3mrwzu.jpg


My teen sim Sally Riley wearing jessi_dot's make up (lips, blush, eyeliner, etc).


Anyway, I also found out what it means Genetized, Default and Townified stuff like eyes or skins, read here for info and explanation since I'm not really good in words:


Because I'm kind of affraid of the issues that townified skins/eyes can bring to my game (Im not good with SimsPE) I didn't install none yet.


I think for today is enough, phiuuu...

I'm sorry if it's such a hurried post but I feel I have so many stuff to write down, pffff


Happy Simming everyone!

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