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Hi simmers! :D

Here we go again!

So I'm reading and following this great story on MTS, it's called The Pleasantview Diaries (find it here (you may have to register on MTS but it's totally free): and it's about all the premade characters around Pleasantview, the author's goal is to "join all of the family trees of every Maxis made household in the game, while making an interesting story out of it."! And you did a great work in there, got me hooked on it until I finished reading all that was updated! I totally advise it! Check it out! Unfortunently the author doesn't update for a long time now :\


I like sims 2 babies a lot! Like most families I play with end up with a new member by the end of the day (I also feel so excited about their genetic hair and default clothes! Pity they age in a second!) :) And speacking of babies, now that I own apartment life I remembered some objects for babies I had seen when searching the trailers of the expansion packs when I was planning to pick some to buy, back on Christmas 2013: it was


The Baby Dangle Master and The Bouncinator 3000!  



From what I've read it was supost to be part of Apartment Life Expansion Pack (I actually thought it was part of it, so I searched around my game for it but couldn't find so I went on searching why) but for some reason they removed it and putted to be sold on the EA store.


And since the EA store is now gone for good, I downloaded this two awesome baby maxis objects with just some editing (less bladder tantrum to be more precise) for free that you can find here: so a BIG THANK YOU to RebaLynn1960 that without her uploading them I would have never find the maxis baby objects and modded in such a great way, so your baby doesn't cry for hours for a diaper change that it's not possible! (They cry like 5 seconds before you need to change their diaper! So it's super acurrate!) They come in maxis colours (well dah, they are maxis' they just modded greatly!) blue, pinkyellow and green to match maxis other baby objects (cribs, highchairs, changing tables, etc).

 photo 58b540_0f3fed24021e4751b738fd419660bb2a_zps6ubeg13p.jpg

 photo 58b540_4904f672c42e4c929d76e9825d71ec16_zpsz9rvid52.jpg

 photo 58b540_9d70b73e445d4ea5844e5185f2e1f4a1_zpsivchfyfv.jpg

 photo 58b540_231d2c0b28ed45bfbdb7c2c4aa029e33_zpst5z2xisr.jpg

I've also downloaded this awesome great set from MTS: Nursery Add-Ons: Spruce up your BG and FT nurseries found here: (You have to register to download but it's totally free :D). The first changing table and crib require only base game, while the second changing table require seasons (if you want it to display the outwear option for your toddlers), the activity table requires free time while the baby dangle master and bouncy chair needs apartment life.

 photo 58b540_c6b8209f6bc04c549b37b73cd6de60ba_zps9gfgxftq.jpg

View from the set in my game (the horse (for toddlers), and the rocking chair are not included but if you read in the info there is the links of where you can get them :) and there is also links of recolors of this set, check it out!). Here there is missing the activity table because I forgot at the time to place it, but you get the idea :)


If you have AL and Seasons you can download all in a file but if you don't have the Oh Baby set (the maxis Baby Dangle Master and the maxis Bouncinator 3000) you may need to also download the animations fix, same case if you download the bouncy chair and baby dangler separately.


In my case I didn't download the animations fix because I had previously download the modded maxis baby dangler master and the bouncinator 3000 uploaded by RebaLynn1960 that you can find two paragraphs above in here :) So I had no problems.


So I'm just so superly duperly excited about this two new objects that I may make all my sims families have other babies because I just wanna try them out everywhere! Another thing is that I didn't install all my CC content on this new game (UC), I installed some hairs, clothes and mods but not really objects like chairs, tables and stuff. I've also found this great blog where you can download objects, hairs, mods, etc for the Sims 1, 2 and 3! If you wanna check it out:


I've had downloaded a lot of stuff from the site above like a day before I had find out about UC and installed it. It has also some great TS3 to TS2 conversions, you may want to check it out!


Well I don't think I have anything else to add, so

Happy Simming! :)

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