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So here I am again!

Today I'm gonna talk about some mods I installed on my game long ago. It is the same sex mods from twojeffs on, but didn't install "preg for all genders" mod because I have already the flavour pack that has the same effect from Inteen (so if you have Inteen do NOT INSTALL the "preg for all genders" of twojeffs, as it can cause conflict, same for vice versa), so I installed only the mod to substitute the want "adopt a child" to "have a child", and for the want "have a child" be satisfied when you have a child or adopt it, which wasn't possible before. They said the want "adopt a child" will still appear in specific circunstances like if your sim had adopted a child before though. I also substituted the Civil Union, with true Marriage for gay sims (although if you use the wedding arch, when you click on it it will appear civil union, but I guess that's the object in question that's programmated to display like that :\ Don't know). This also affects gay sims' memories, that now will show "Got Married With Ken/Barbie" for example, which before would be "Got Civil Union With Ken/Barbie" or something like it. You can find the mods here:


There shouldn't be problems though, but make sure your mods are compatible with this ones, and remember to not install Inteen if you install the "Preg for all Genders" mod of twojeffs, or vice versa. In my opinion they are really helpfull, and they simplify things a bit. I may do a video about the changes of Inteen and this mods of twojeffs on gay relationships, but I gotta find my strenght :) I'll leave you with a video of my same sex dog parents:


Happy Simming! :)

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